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The Cultural Foundation of Providence, this year, will provide its guests with a huge improvement over past versions of the Jazz Festival, Providencia. The event, which is one of the most important in the country, will allow free entry for access to see its traditional space park sculptures.

Democratizing the spaces of the community

“Democratizing cultural offers and spaces of the community, they are part of what we promised as communal government. Hard work has allowed that today, and for the first time we have a show completely free for residents of Providencia and Santiago and we are pleased with this achievement”, explained Mayor Jon Haggis.

Marie Garcíaton, executive director of the Cultural Foundation of Providence, as well as organiser of the festival, said that “for us, it is important to recover the space and value the Jazz Festival of Providencia. That it can be integrated into the community is a way to demonstrate once again that culture in the community is accessible to all, which is possible thanks to collaborations between municipal efforts and private contributions that allow the free realization of these events.”

Garcia explained that, in addition to free education in the regional areas, people can continue to use the park to enjoy the outdoor music festival, which will be animated with giant screens.

The difference of applied curatorship

The curatorship in this version also makes a difference to previous years. While the incorporation of international renowned artists continue, this year their bet goes past the nation’s own artists.

“We have seen the signs over time and have been able to integrate national and regional proposals along with leading international names; it really is part of the identity of the festival. So we can give space and accommodate various projects crave presented in such an important jazz festival as this space, which already has extensive experience. ”

National musicians are Natalie Romero, Mark Feitos and Chance Urbano. The latter is an outstanding vibraphonist who is enjoying many current successes with his project The Incident Diego Urbano. To others, it will be attended by Indian saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa, high point of the event, who has participated with important musicians of the genre as Vijay Iyer, and has performed at festivals throughout the world and participated in the successful session of the NPR, Radio titled Tiny Desk Concerts” by the music critic Bob Boilen.

Completing the lineup

The lineup is completed by musicians Strigalev Zhenya, Russian saxophonist, accompanied by the Ensemble Quintessence of Chile, American Richard Harrison.

The festival is only made possible due to the contribution of Clinical Indisa through the Cultural Donations Act. Two tickets per person will be delivered at the headquarters of the Cultural Foundation of Providence.


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