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We all like to go out to bars, and there is arguably a suitable premises for every occasion. Below, I talk about hitting the target on your next night out, with the intention of finding the night spot that is perfect for you.

You’re not always going to be out with the same attitude and the same people every night, so it’s certainly better to have resources if you want to have a night to remember.

Here are ideas for all lovers of good drinks in Santiago.

1. The Piojera, the most popular joint in town

Ainavillo 1030, Zona Centro.

During daytime hours, The Piojera is a simple restaurant that offers Chilean food at a good price, which is slightly different to its dark side – night life – which is what interests us. At night, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, this bar is crowded full of local people and spontaneous musicians, in a place where the absolute cleanliness of floors and tables is not quite perfect.

However, still has a special charm. It is a reference to the times of old, with the bar decorated as an old tavern, and is known by most Santiaguinos. Since the Lonely Planet travel magazine discovered it, there is also a good mix of international tourists in search of the Chilean carreteador spirit.

No doubt, the most popular beverage is the “Earthquake drink”, a combination of pipeño white wine, pineapple ice cream and fernet or grenadine, all served in a large plastic cup. Beware of your belongings, because in this bar there have been cases of thieves taking advantage of the crowd and alcohol.

2. Berri, surprisingly romantic

Rosal 321, Lastarria Area.

If you want you out an ace sleeve, and take someone special to a place that will leave you with your mouth open, the choice should be the Berri. When you enter, you might feel that it has a rustic charm because the floor design is most common, but that’s part of his grace.

Without hesitation, guests are directed to the bottom left stairs and to the second-floor dining area.What you will find there is between fascinating and bewildering. Out of nowhere appears a large living room with antique decor very tasteful, high ceilings, and a relaxed atmosphere, with soft music.

It has an aura of private club, something secret or exclusive, which gives an added value. You can order whole bottles of wine, and I for one, definitely recommend this option. With these very special conditions success rate is multiplied seduction!

3. Pub Ego, a quality establishment

Av Manuel Montt 412, Providencia.

If you want to have a pompadour but money is not abundant in your pockets, the Pub Ego offers promotions throughout the night that are difficult to overcome. For just over 3 bucks, there are two types of recognized brands offered with a single drink mix.

The place is nice, with lively music without being so strong as to prevent conversation. One of the virtues of Ego is its large upper terrace in summer or winter, as there are heaters outside. Being an outdoors venue gives respite to smokers. The service is good and they also have a food card, ideal for cushioning the impact of drink promotions!

4. Santo Remedio, cocktails and a bite to eat

Roman Diaz 152, Providencia.

Sometimes the problem is you do not have a clear plan for your night. It leaves you all but unclear if you should be dining, drinking, or dancing. Santo Remedio is a restobar with a different concept, offering a good cocktail list and at the same time, good varied selection of food. The place has different environments and both the decor and music fit for lunch and to drink.

It is of the few hybrids with a successful outcome and is an excellent place to go as a couple, or with friends. Some diners complain that the portions are too small for the price they ask, but in any case we assume that this also depends on the hunger you have.

Also, we highlight its inner terrace, which is open at lunch, and on Wednesday night, when the home is transformed into a nightclub and is open until 3am. Reservations recommended.

5. California, a sunny location for long summer days

Las Urbinas 44, Providencia.

California is the typical bar gringa inspiration, with many foreign waiters and sometimes, too many tourists. Pitchers of beer, up to 12 different varieties, are ubiquitous and also offers good cocktails at a reasonable price.

Its distribution is attractive, with a small terrace on the door, a first floor with a long bar and an outdoor top floor ideal for groups with lots of tables. Being an indoor only location, smoking is, of course, prohibited. The atmosphere is festive and noisy, especially on the second floor, and no wonder, it’s quite easy to befriend fellow patrons at the end of next table.

It is equipped with TVs in every corner that make this bar a good place to see all kinds of sports. Advertise on the web games will be televised to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you get hungry, you can also eat good burgers and Mexican food.

6. Bar Constitution, a nightclub with a difference

Constitución 61, Bellavista.

This is a superb disco nightclub. Until it opens at midnight, it is a place where drinks can be found at a good price, even when considering happy-hour, and your ability to eat simple dishes like pizza or sushi.

After 12am entrance is subject to cover charge, the price of drinks may increase slightly, and the dance floor is filled leveraging both environments offered by the ambitious local crowd. If electronic music is a little bit to much for you, the Bar Constitution has a good terrace for those who want to chat or smoke.

7. Harry’s Bar, karaoke for everyone!

Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 161

If you are someone who doesn’t mind singing while you’re drinking, Harry’s is a place to consider. It has a small terrace in a slightly further away from the chaos of Pio Nono area and offers promotions all night at a good price.

The truth is that the service on the terrace can, at times, be a bit neglected, but the waiter does what he can. The reality is that in the corner of Harry’s everything seems more relaxed, in a bar that reminds many of Valparaiso.

What really is interesting about this place is the reel is mounted inside. Wireless microphones go from table to table between sets and chants. Your karaoke has an archive of hundreds of songs to choose from, although the predominant style is Chilean folk songs. This place has such a strong personality that just putting one foot in and you’ll know if you love it or hate it. If you think that will not fit, it is

This place has such a strong personality that just putting one foot in and you’ll know if you love it or hate it. If you don’t think that the vibe is for you, up the street you’ll find two more karaoke places to move on to.


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