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Fonda, a popular and permanent establishment

As its name implies, Fonda gives life for much of the season to the concept historically associated with national holidays: popular Ramadas where people gather to eat traditional dishes and drinks.

The music is usually in charge of the cultists of urban cueca and the new cumbia, including Chico Trujillo, a band that was described as “world class” by The New York Times after visiting Santiago Lollapalooza 2011.

Rock and guitars, live in your face

Three blocks from the Plaza Ñuñoa, is a new space but fully consolidated among rock lovers and not necessarily end heavy, whose offer is based on tribute bands.

With a rich menu of food and drinks, it also usually hosts music contests with emerging groups and receives, from time to time, local heroes such as Paul Di’Anno, Steven Adler, Jimmy DeGrasso, Andreas Kisser or Tim “Ripper” Owens.

Generally speaking, it is reasonably sized space with dimensions of 200 square meters, conditioned for holding up to 400 people.

Batuta, better known as “La Batuta Baby!”

Charge in and you’ll notice an inevitable poster of “the traditional local”, perhaps the most bohemian area adjacent to the Plaza Ñuñoa, a very special place to drink and eat something before things shut up at about midnight, and swing into live music.

Located about 10 minutes southeast of the center of Santiago, the museum has excellent acoustics and a grill loaded to sizzle. When the guitars are turned off, this bar mainly offers pop music from recent decades.

It’s worth noting that the place only allows access to persons over 18 years, who must also show their identification. The smoking area is not separated from the rest of the establishment.

The tiles of the night are right in front of you

in the central district San Diego, which in the daylight hours shows old bookstores, trinket and bike shops, there are still buildings that hide giant sheds capable of holding hundreds of people.

As a traditional restaurant, this bar has mutated family dining sets stage for avant-garde cumbia and while crowds can savor a great night out.

Located in San Diego, 236 steps from the University of Chile in Santiago Metro Line 1, which runs parallel to the main avenue of the city, the Alameda station is a really convenient location to access.

Thelonious, don’t catch a cold

Intimate and for more generous pockets, this joint has a large grill with musicians playing live and an atmosphere that pays tribute to the greats of that culture, such as Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong, Herbie Hancock and obviously Thelonious Monk.

Located in the Bellavista neighborhood, the location itself has a festive vibe, it still has one of the houses the Nobel Pablo Neruda museum, with its feature piece being a fully decked-out library for its customers.

This list has no scientific basis, but like so many others was developed through shared experiences with friends and musicians who are familiar with the scene.


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