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With 48 years of existence, the Musical Weeks offer is varied, both in strings and artists from different origins. Notably, special care is taken to to include works by Chilean composers and foreign contemporary authors in the programs.

Bright sunshine, the beach of Lake Llanquihue full of vacationing families, tacos and a brand new Teatro del Lago set the stage for this musical festival that has consolidated Frutillar continent as a musical icon.

Part of the concerts of the fifth and sixth day of the festival will focus on the critic were the Andean Oboes, the afternoon session of the symphonic band of the Chilean Air Force and Nestlé Gala.

First, you have to explain that the Andean Oboes was an invitation received from a prominent Latino solo to create a quartet and interpret a repertoire specially transcribed for these wind instruments. The formation was composed by Guillermo Milla, Chile; Ruben Albornoz, Argentina; Jorge Pinzon, Colombia; and Carlos Otarola, Peru.

The repertoire flowed from the Suite Royal Fireworks by Handel, the seventeenth century, the works of two quincagenarios composers: Italian Gilles Silvestrini with interesting musicalización of Manet’s painting entitled The Spanish ballet and national author Claudio Acevedo, with a jubilant Cueca Guaranga.

The concert went through periods defined musical formations of one to four voices. They noted individual expertise and at times also some improvisation in the group.

The musicians conveyed their joy of being together, running this original concert, and in their accounts of the works were capturing the attention of the audience that filled the amphitheater Teatro del Lago.

In the afternoon session, the Symphonic Band of the Air Force made the pompous Wagner Festival. His charismatic manager, of Negri Fabrizzio, proposed several arrangements for Band overtures and was explaining the concert.

An interesting break came with the introduction of music from the movie Star Wars John Williams, as George Lucas, this piece would generate a different effect on the music composition of its sci – fi classic.

Despite the large orchestral deployment, the pitch was not always up to par. Negri, however, could print mesmerizing passages with remarkable colors. The clarinet soloist in the Wessendonk Lieder dodged successfully audacity to interpret Traume .

The encore to the popular march of Radetzky – that was applauded in unison by the public- capped a memorable concert and cheerful fifth day of these musical weeks.

And on the sixth day, the gala Nestle, a traditional celebration held to meet half of the conference, devoted Musical as an opportunity in which the theater is filled with flowers and promoters. The Symphony Orchestra of Chile, by his young assistant manager Francois Lopez Ferrer, began the concert with bright overture Carnival Dvorak; an exuberant work force and strength.

The second space was occupied by a work with an unusual soloist: the accordion, an instrument that usually appears on stage in classical orchestras.

Astor Piazzola composed his Concerto for bandoneon and orchestra, entitled Aconcagua with notorious influence Stravinsky, achieving a brilliant orchestral balance between pulses and the nostalgic melody of the tango. New Zealand soloist despite its Saxon origin, with great technique managed to create the Latin atmosphere and perform with passion an execution.

In the third movement, Adagio Cantabile, dialogue soloist with the harp, piano and guiro (percussion instrument) was a highlight of the work. It generated a deeply gloomy weather.

In the second part, the program continued with the Scottish Symphony by Mendelssohn, which despite its popularity has nothing in Scottish sounds that recognize and to unveil his name. The composer was adverse to the folk and country music.

In this concert, not surprising mastery of Lopez Ferrer, 25, dominated safely difficulties orchestral balance of this varied repertoire.

In these three concerts, full of notes and chords, strongly perceived the label that this festival has consolidated over the past 50 years. However, not everything remains as before: it misses the traditional greeting to the director of the Musical Weeks, Flora Inostroza, who did not attend the function due to illness.

Thus, with more than 300 artists who arrive at the small spas, and with music flooding every corner, the spirit of the music floats in Frutillar.


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