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From 21 December to 20 March the Chile summer season is characterized by high temperatures in much of the territory, with enjoyable long days that begin early in the morning and end with sunset near 9 of the night.

Because of the nice weather, these months are the most attractive for tourism, and as a result, has become the high season for which thousands of foreigners and locals who decide to take a vacation, tour the different areas of the country, many choosing to stop in the capital, as it is the hub for travel to different cities and regions.

Although it does not have nice beaches or beautiful lakes in its immediate vicinity, Santiago offers very entertained panoramas during the summer months. Here, I leave a selection of options that year after year, have transformed Santiago into the classic summer capital.

Boulevards and outdoor shopping centers

The city’s broad boulevards allow visitors to enjoy shopping, window shopping, and the best cuisine in the region. And what better to do it in open shopping centers where you can enjoy the outdoors and the rich summer weather.

The Boulevard Park is definitely the best choice in town. With more than 30 shops, many of them unique in kind, for example, the Nike brand, who opened its largest store in Latin America, or the case of the Spanish clothing brand Desigual and American restaurant PF. Chang’s, who chose this space to open its first stores in Chilean land.

Boulevard Park has positioned itself as a family venue, with entertainment and increasingly exclusive stores like Banana Republic, BCBG Maxazria, Tous, among many other places. It has a cinema, theater, ice skating rink and 20 stores including restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors.

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Outdoor cinema

In Santiago, January is the month in which you can enjoy the best of outdoor cinema, as from the first week of the year just started, a series of traveling cinemas were opened in different parts of the capital. Some project the best films of the past year, others show movies that are on the undercard of the moment, or those that have not yet reached the country; becoming an excellent premier event.

What if they all have in common it is that they are projected on giant screens and outdoor. They both share popularity year after year, and continue joining efforts in various sectors. However, there are some productions that are already a classic because they have spent several years offering this type of entertainment to the holiday makers of the capital. This is the case of “Movies Under the Stars”, an event held at Bicentennial Park Vitacura, where nine years ago carried out the exhibition of new films that still can not be seen in other traditional cinema halls.

Another event that takes several years, opening its doors the first days of January, is the Film Festival Las Condes which is done in the Araucano Park, usually running a selection of the best movies for 10 nights. Another commune each year organizes an event related to the cinema is Lo Barnechea. While the event is changing place and sometimes introduce special features like the ability to enter with a car in a kind of “drive -in”. Every January there is an opportunity to see a good selection of international films on a giant screen accompanied with good food, wine and music.

Squares and parks

Santiago offers several green areas, either small squares neighborhood, as well as great parks to visit in the warmer months. The icon of the city, and the area which best represents the outdoor life of the capital, is definitely the Forest Park .

Located in the heart of the city, this park, created in the early twentieth century, is the main lung of Santiago with its 170 square meters of trees and vegetation. Browse their groves allows to know the main monuments and cultural centers of the city such as Plaza Baquedano, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Mapocho Station, among others.

The Metropolitan Park, the largest urban park in Chile, and one of the largest in the world, not only has beautiful viewpoints and green areas covering four communes of the Great Santiago, ideal for walks and spend the day, but also has with two public pools: Tupahue and Antilén, ideal for cool summer days. Each pool has about 85 meters long by 25 meters wide, which can be used by a lot of people, so everyones journey is a memerible experience.


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