Setting up shop in Santiago isn’t always easy. Look to TransferGuides for advice

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Opening a bank account in Santiago can be a lot more cumbersome to do than in some other cities. So you if you intend to, thinking that you can bring

You must not miss The Jazz Festival of Providencia

Jun. 23, 2016 by

The Cultural Foundation of Providence, this year, will provide its guests with a huge improvement over past versions of the Jazz Festival, Providencia. The event, which is one of the

Our Chilean gig guide will be sweet, sweet music to your ears

Jun. 22, 2016 by

Fonda, a popular and permanent establishment As its name implies, Fonda gives life for much of the season to the concept historically associated with national holidays: popular Ramadas where people gather

How to find great music in and around Santagio

Jun. 21, 2016 by

Another alternative to enjoy your night out, is to go to one of the many restaurants and bars offering live music in Santiago, while having dinner itself or while drinking

These bars in Santiago will help you get your party on

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We all like to go out to bars, and there is arguably a suitable premises for every occasion. Below, I talk about hitting the target on your next night out, with

Inspire your summer in Chile with these fantastic adventures

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From 21 December to 20 March the Chile summer season is characterized by high temperatures in much of the territory, with enjoyable long days that begin early in the morning

Music notes float around Frutillar like magic

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With 48 years of existence, the Musical Weeks offer is varied, both in strings and artists from different origins. Notably, special care is taken to to include works by Chilean composers